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Who would benefit from NewSpace Solutions?

  • Consumers utilizing two-way satellite links
  • Businesses that operate where wireless and cellular connectivity is unavailable
  • Businesses that want to have a redundant satellite link for high availability
  • Civilian governments agencies
  • Military and defense related activities
  • Remote IoT installations


There are numerous market segments that we have identified which provide the scope for our products and solutions. There are both shared requirements and specialized requirements for each of these industries.


  • Financial services (Stock trading, Fintech)
  • Healthcare (Tele-medicine)
  • Mining, Oil & Gas (IoT, Data analytics, Inventory management, Security)
  • Utilities (IoT)
  • Retail (Inventory management, AI)
  • Manufacturing (Equipment monitoring, Inventory management)

Maritime / Airline / Cruise

  • Cargo monitoring
  • Operations monitoring (Equipment, Location)
  • Passenger (Infotainment)

Connected vehicles

  • Mass transportation
  • Autonomous vehicles


  • 5G Backhaul

Smart cities

  • Infrastructure monitoring

Direct to Consumer

  • Healthcare devices (IoT)
  • Entertainment

Small Business

  • Physical security services
  • Farming


  • Remote learning

US / International Governments

  • Federal/Local/State
  • NGO
  • Defense


 Our solutions will seamlessly extend the cloud and make satellite networks more efficient. The unique challenges of edge computing via space connectivity require taking a more holistic approach to ensure all the components that make up the aerospace ecosystem operate effectively together.

Software-defined Satellite Edge Network provides the most efficient and secure use of any satellite link

Create Secure, multi-tenant environments at the edge for satellite connected environments

Open, standards-based middleware, APIs and scalable software for edge, gateway, air and space infrastructure

Self-healing, state monitoring and recovery across satellite networks and providers for the highest level of reliability

Analyze and reduce data to create useful and actionable information as close to the source as possible.

Offers quick, easy orchestration and management of applications at the remote edge